Skadi's Seaborn

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Skadi's Seaborn is a summoned unit in Arknights, deployed through Skadi the Corrupting Heart's first talent Ancient Kin. It is a small Seaborn that resembles Ishar'mla (or possibly one of His avatars) and are capable of mimicking Skadi's voice.

Skadi's Seaborn's range is considered to be an extension to the Corrupting Heart's range for the purpose of applying her trait and skill's effects. With an exception to the damage dealt by the Corrupting Heart's third skill, "The Tide Surges, The Tide Recedes", however, the effects will not stack.





Cannot be attacked
Level Base.png Elite 1.png Elite 2.png Elite 2.png MAX
HP.png HP N/A 100
ATK.png ATK N/A 100
DEF.png DEF N/A 0
RES.png RES N/A 0
RDP.png Redeployment time N/A 30 seconds
COST.png DP cost N/A 5
BLOCK.png Block count N/A 0
ASPD.png Attack interval N/A 1 second
Aggression level N/A 0


Ancient Kin
Elite 1.png Lasts 15 seconds after deployment
Elite 2.png Lasts 25 seconds after deployment


Effect Initial SP SP cost Duration
Attack Range is regarded as an extension of Skadi the Corrupting Heart's Attack Range