Levi Klitschko

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Levi Klitschko is an NPC in Arknights. He is one of the antagonists of Operation Originium Dust.


Levi is a Russian scientist who somehow acquired Originium into Earth, an extra-terrestrial mineral, decades ago by unknown methods. Since then, he fell into obsession of other worlds to further humanity's evolution. He even built a teleporter in order to travel to another world and study more about it. His obsession also led to his crazy character in which he will accomplish everything regardless of morals in the name of "science."


Operation Originium Dust

Being informed of his mad experiment, Team Rainbow broke into the Magnethill Laboratory on the Ural Mountains in order to arrest him. By the time when they encountered, however, the team were unaware of his activated teleporter. Together, Levi and Team Rainbow were sent to the mysterious world of Terra, leaving only Ela and Iana behind in question.[1]

After wandering around the desert for a while, Levi was rescued by Drudge and his men. Drudge noticed his brilliant science knowledge and decided to work together under common acknowledgement. Oddly enough, the two could often fall into disagreement due to Levi's mad mind. Although Levi was able to create Originiutants, mutated soldiers and monsters, that could rival the Sargonian Zhayedans, other Terrans felt that his action was an act of blasphemy against the local Lord Ameer.[2] Levi also carried biases against the Terrans for their lack of knowledge on science. Later on, when Drudge's attempted treason failed, he even betrayed him by turning his men into mutated zombies and haughty declared that Drudge's noble bloodline was nothing in front of science.[3]

When Ash, Blitz and Schwarz arrived at his lab, Levi made his final declaration. He stated that Originium is the only way for evolution and one must not resist but accept it. With that, he used himself as a sacrifice for his "ultimate creation" and turned into the Essence of Evolution, a giant mutated monster. In order to stop it from devastating Terra, Ash ignited the bomb set inside the room and killed the mad scientist's creation once and for all.[4]