Poison Haze

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Operators lose HP constantly.
—Description of operations featuring the Poison Haze

The Poison Haze is an operation mechanic in Arknights.


As the name suggests, Poison Haze is basically a toxic cloud that covers the entire map, causing friendly units to lose HP over time (actually by periodically dealing True damage towards them) with the rate depends on the operation where the Poison Haze is featured; refer to the respective operation's notes for more information.

Unfortunately, the Poison Haze does not affect enemies.


Main Theme H5-3
Vignettes FA-1
Supply operations AP-1AP-2AP-3AP-4AP-5PR-A-1PR-A-2
Stationary Security Service All Raythean Industries Test Platform operations
Integrated Strategies Land of Rust and SmokeRadioactive DustShrouded in CloudsThe Red Mist
Multivariate Cooperation
Defence Protocols
Abandoned Factory (Challenge Test Mode)

In Raythean Industries Test Platform, the Poison Haze deals higher damage as the Danger Level rises. In the LT-6 operation, Suffocation, the damage is further increased as the boss, "Tumor", loses HP.