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Identity is a unique enemy mechanic in Arknights, introduced in Episode 12.


The blockaded Norport Borough of Londinium has been infiltrated by many spies, forcing the Rhodes Island and Glasgow to thoroughly check the citizens to spot the wolves in sheep's clothing and avoid unexpected surprises.

Certain enemies in Episode 12 operations are subject to the Identity mechanic where they could be either a Civilian or Spy, both of which starts in an unrevealed state where:

  • Civilians can be blocked.
  • Spies are disguised as Civilians (using the Norport Civilian/Spy's appearance) and invulnerable but does not attack.

Once the Civilian/Spy is blocked by a friendly unit or inside the range of a friendly,[note 1] their identity will be gradually revealed, where a magnifying glass icon will be displayed above them. After continuously identifying them for a while, the icon turns red if the Civilian is a Spy in disguise or blue if the Civilian is a real one, and the player must keep identifying them until the Civilian is confirmed or the Spy is compromised.[note 2]

  • A confirmed Civilian will become unblockable, allowing them to carry on towards the Protection Objective they are heading.
  • A compromised Spy will ditch their disguise and joins the fray as the corresponding enemy.

Keep in mind that letting unrevealed Spies into a Protection Objective will result in a Life Point loss, although unrevealed Civilians will not.


Norport Civilian
Norport Spy


Pathfinder Spy
Pathfinder Spymaster
Sentry Spy
Sentry Spymaster
Armed Spy
Armed Spymaster
"Damazti Cluster"

Unlike other Spies, the Damazti Cluster is surrounded in a golden aura even when unidentified, although they still have to be compromised before they can be attacked.


Enemy Interaction
Pathfinder Spy
Pathfinder Spymaster
The first attack after they are compromised deals double damage.
Sentry Spy
Sentry Spymaster
Becomes invisible once compromised.
Rebellion Instigator
Rebellion Agitator
All Civilians and Spies that are not confirmed/compromised become unblockable as long as any of the Instigators/Agitators are not blocked.
  • Her attack will only target Spies, which instantly compromises them and deals no damage otherwise.
  • Will use a map-wide attack that confirms/compromises all Civilians/Spies after some time has passed in the operation.
"Damazti Cluster"
If the Cluster or any of their Isomorphic Fragments are not compromised, all of them will remain unidentified as well.


  1. If the friendly unit's attack range becomes global (e.g. Ambriel's Radar Sweep, Goldenglow's Crystalline Shine), they can only identify Civilians/Spies inside their original range.
  2. The process works by giving enemies subject to the Identity mechanic "Identification Points", or "IP" for short. Civilians/Spies start with 0 IP (the magnifying glass icon is not shown) and gain 20 IP over 1 second when blocked or in the range of a friendly unit, otherwise they lose 10 IP over 1 second (cannot reduce IP below 0). Once the Civilian/Spy has at least 300 IP (the magnifying glass icon turns blue/red), they will gain 30 IP over 1 second when blocked or in the range of a friendly and their IP cannot be reduced below 300. Once the Civilian/Spy has 600 IP, they will be confirmed/compromised.


  • The Identity mechanic is likely inspired by the game Among Us. In TR-22, Kroos even says: "Hey, that guy looks kinda sus." Sus is a slang which means suspicious, and became viral thanks to that game.