Eblana (enemy)

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Eblana is one of the bosses in Episode 12.

Enemy description
Leader of Dublinn, the Draco who burns through all facades.


Despite being a boss, Eblana is invulnerable, cannot be blocked, and does not deduct Life Points upon entering a Protection Objective. She poses no threat towards friendly units either, as she will only attack unidentified Spies which does no damage but instantly compromises them. After some time have passed, Eblana will use a map-wide purple flame attack that confirms/compromises every Civilians and Spies present (including the Damazti Clusters).


Main Theme 12-16


Attack range 2 tiles
Weight 0
Life Point penalty 0


Silence Stun Sleep Freeze Levitate Frighten
Vulnerable Vulnerable Vulnerable Vulnerable Vulnerable Vulnerable