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The Big Sad Lock is a boss enemy in the Integrated Strategies game mode of Arknights. It is one of the four possible final bosses of Phantom & Crimson Solitaire.

Enemy description
One of the works of the troupe's host, it isn't very well received amongst the troupe. They do not recognize the stiff manipulation of a puppet as a kind of art, and its rough approach to things is constantly criticized by other members.


One of the works of the troupe's host. Has high endurance and powerful recovery abilities. When its shield is present, additional enemies will appear continuously.

The Big Sad Lock occupies an area of 3×3 tiles and boasts a monumentally high HP (which is twice as much as a Hexed Colossus) alongside high defenses and good ATK, as well as a number of abilities to further accentuate its already glaring stats.

  • The Lock is the only enemy that is included in the enemy counter; all other enemies are excluded and will continue to spawn at ever-increasing numbers as long as the Lock is present. For what enemies are spawned and the intervals, see the Enemies section of All I Ask of You.
    • Because of this, the operation will only be cleared when the Lock and any other remaining enemies are defeated.
  • The Lock regenerates 0.25% of its maximum HP every second, which can be disabled by obtaining the Blank Suicide Note.png Blank Suicide Note.
  • The Lock's attacks have a global range and can hit two targets simultaneously.
  • Every time the Lock takes 20 instances of damage, it will release a shockwave that deals Arts damage equal to 100% of its ATK to all friendly units.
  • Generates a barrier 60 seconds from when the Lock spawns, which absorbs all damage equal to 15% of the Lock's maximum HP; the Lock will restore the barrier to full strength every 45 seconds after generating the barrier for the first time, but only if the barrier is not present. While the barrier is present, the Lock cannot attack but all enemies will have their speed doubled and additional enemies will spawn when the Lock generates the barrier for the first time and every 20 seconds afterwards.
  • Should 8 minutes have passed from when the Lock spawns and it is not defeated by then, it will self-destruct, dealing Physical damage equal to 200% of its ATK to all friendlies and causing the player to lose 30 Life Points, the latter of which will cause the player to instantly fail the run unless they have at least 31 Life Points.png when this happens!


Integrated Strategies All I Ask of You


Attack range Global
Weight 10
Life Point penalty 30
Size 3×3 tiles
Miscellaneous Cannot be blocked


Silence Stun Sleep Freeze Levitate Frighten
Immune Immune Immune Immune Immune Immune