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The Playwright acts as one of the possible final bosses of Phantom & Crimson Solitaire since its Expansion II.

Enemy description
A nameless youth toiling behind the scenes, he has never stopped writing, even when he lacks pen and paper. Someone here is worthy of his interest, and he doesn't seem hostile.


A nameless youth toiling behind the scenes. Cannot be blocked and launches very long-ranged Arts attacks. Uses special Arts that reduces allied units' combat power.

The Playwright boasts exceptionally high HP, defenses, and a strong ranged Arts attack which can hit targets anywhere on the map, in addition to being unblockable, making him a highly formidable foe. Being a scriptwriter, the Playwright possesses several abilities that can allow him to devastate multiple targets from anywhere on the map and possibly ruin the formation's placements:

  • The Playwright's attacks deal area-of-effect damage to friendly units in the adjacent tiles to the main target.
  • An Arts attack where the Playwright marks all friendly units on the map who explode after a delay, dealing Arts damage equal to 80% of his ATK to the targets and friendlies adjacent to them. The global Arts attack has a cooldown of 10 seconds from when the Playwright spawns and every 20 seconds after.
  • Every 20 seconds, the Playwright debuffs the most recently deployed Operator who is not already affected by the debuff, permanently halving their ASPD and dealing Arts damage equal to 4% of their maximum HP every second. If the debuffed Operator leaves the map, their redeployment time will be increased by 50% and the tile they were deployed on will become sealed by blue symbols, preventing friendly units from being deployed there for the rest of the operation.
  • Once his HP falls below 50%, the Playwright becomes enraged (signified by a sound cue and a flaming blue aura around him) and gains the following properties:
    • All damage dealt by his attacks and abilities is increased by 50%.
    • DEF doubled.
    • RES increased by 80%.
    • The Playwright will use the global Arts attack and debuff 5 and 10 seconds after becoming enraged, respectively. Both of them also have reduced cooldowns of 15 seconds.

The Playwright will deduct no less than 30 Life Points if he manages to enter a Protection Objective, which will cause the player to instantly fail the run unless they have at least 31 Life Points.png when this happens!


Integrated Strategies New Chapter


Attack range Global
Weight 7
Life Point penalty 30


Silence Stun Sleep Freeze Levitate Tremble
Immune Immune Immune Immune Vulnerable Vulnerable