"Gloomweaving Count"

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This article pertains to a subject that is not yet released in the Global server of Arknights.
This enemy's name, description, and trait(s) are tentative translations which may not represent the official English localization and will be updated when Nomadic Border Town is announced or released in the Global server of Arknights.

The "Gloomweaving Count" is a boss enemy in the Stationary Security Service game mode of Arknights. He is the main boss of Nomadic Border Town.

Enemy description
The lord of a Leithanian border town and a down-and-out, depressed, and frustrated nobleman. He desperately longs for the music he weaves to be appreciated and resounded all across Leithanien. However, he finds it difficult to make a true friend, and he became increasingly reclusive and mad, trapped in his own "gloomy Arts" until he went insane. Now he is weaving these movements into his own Arts in an effort to spread the gloomy tunes far and wide, and arousing more resonance.


The lord of a Leithanian border town and a down-and-out, depressed, and frustrated nobleman. ATK increases while a Squeaking Sound is present. Destroying a Squeaking Sound will cause him to take True damage.
—Tooltip (unofficial translation)

A Leithanian graf who lost his marbles and flooded the border town he is overseeing with gloomy melodies out of depression from his attempts to have his music be appreciated, the Gloomweaving Count boasts very high HP and strong RES to complement his powerful Arts attacks, although his DEF is much lower by comparison. However, not only is he extremely resilient to conventional damage, his true power lies in his ability to flood the Deployment Waiting Zone with detrimental deployables that will empower him but are also the only feasible way to beat him.

  • The Gloomweaving Count takes 70% less Physical and Arts damage, and has his ATK increased by 25% for every Squeaking Sound on the map, the latter of which can stack without a limit. However, whenever a Squeaking Sound is destroyed, the Count will take a massive 20,000 True damage.
  • When the Gloomweaving Count spawns, a Squeaking Sound will be added to the Deployment Waiting Zone.
  • Mourning Fugue: Adds a Squeaking Sound to the Deployment Waiting Zone (two when the Gloomweaving Count's HP falls below 50%) and channels for 12 seconds, during which the Count stops attacking, has his aggression level increased by 1, and deals Arts damage equal to 30% of his ATK every 2 seconds to friendly units in a radius of 1.5 tiles around himself or Squeaking Sounds, which can overlap if one friendly is in range of multiple. While he is channeling Mourning Fugue, all Squeaking Sounds on the map becomes vulnerable but those in the Preparation Area will cause the player to lose 1 DP every 2 seconds. Mourning Fugue has a cooldown of 16 seconds.


Stationary Security Service Depressing Rondo


HPATKDEFRESMov. speedAttack itvl.E-RESERST
0.45 tiles/sec.
6 sec.
Weight 6
Life Point penalty 3


Silence Stun Sleep Freeze Levitate Tremble
Cross.png Cross.png Cross.png Cross.png Cross.png Tick.png