"Emperor's Blade"

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The Emperor's Blades act as one of the bosses in Episode 08.

Enemy description
A manifestation of a certain will in Ursus. The most terrifying military force in the entirety of Ursus, they are widely-known throughout the world only as horrifying spectres of legend and yore. A single one is enough to slaughter entire squads. Defeat has never been a possibility.


Two fearsome spectres clad in uniform, observing Talulah with keen interest. Permanently applies [Weaken] to Talulah, the Fighter (Greatly reduces DEF and RES).

Despite being technically considered as a boss enemy, the Emperor's Blade is more of a hazard; they are invulnerable, does not attack, cannot be blocked, and will despawn by entering Incursion Points after some time has passed from when they spawn, which does not cause the player to lose Life Points.

The Emperor's Blade's only purpose is to debilitate Talulah, the Fighter by applying a permanent Weaken debuff which halves her DEF and RES that they will use (and only use) 7 seconds after spawning.


Main Theme R8-11
Two Emperor's Blades appear in R8-11; even though both will use Weaken on Talulah, the Fighter at the same time, the effect does not stack.


Weight 5
Life Point penalty 0


Silence Stun Sleep Freeze Levitate Frighten
Vulnerable Vulnerable Immune Vulnerable Vulnerable Vulnerable