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Incursion Point is a terrain feature in Arknights.


Enemies will enter the battlefield from here.

As the name implies, Incursion Points are where enemies will spawn into the operation's map. This also includes allied units in certain operations; Talulah, the Fighter in Episode 08, however, will head into a specific Incursion Point rather than a Protection Objective.

Enemy aerial units will enter the battlefield from here.
—Aerial Unit Incursion Point tooltip

Aerial Unit Incursion Points are where enemy aerial units (drones) will spawn, though not always; in some operations, drones spawn together with other enemies from regular Incursion Points.


Incursion Points are notably absent on the following operations:

Main Theme 2-96-17JT8-1
Side Stories DH-9IC-P-1IC-P-2
Story Collections AF-1AF-5BW-8
Supply operations CA-1CA-2
Integrated Strategies Demonic CageDisorderly BanquetFanatic Siege"Knights' Duel"Fanatical Flames"Joy" From a BoxRusthammer Battle
Reclamation Algorithm Land Encircled By Reefs
Paradox Simulation Platinum: Drone FilterScene: Faceoff

In R8-8 and DM-MO-1, there is an Incursion Point where no enemies will spawn from. The former is meant to be the destination of Talulah, the Fighter; the latter is meant to warn the player of Sarkaz Grudgebearers and Bladeweavers that will be spawned in the vicinity later in the operation.

Aerial Unit Incursion Point

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