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A list of allied units (called friendly units in-game) in Arknights.

While technically considered as enemy units (and are included in the enemy counter), allied units will neither be attacked nor blocked by friendly units, but they will instead be attacked by enemies, though only by ranged ones; certain melee enemies have a ranged attack that they will only use against allied units. Some allied units are capable of attacking enemies in range.

Despite having a blue HP bar like friendly units, allied units cannot be healed by friendlies, even by passive healing such as Bard Supporters' trait.

Sprite Name Code HP ATK DEF RES
Anti-Witchcraft Repositionable Bomb sprite.png Anti-Witchcraft Repositionable Bomb LUD 10000 500 200 0
Basic Harvester sprite.png Basic Harvester SD15 5000 0 200 0
Competition Transport Vessel sprite.png Competition Transport Vessel DH16 2000 100 100 0
Monastery Inhabitant sprite.png Monastery Inhabitant SA1 5000 0 50 0
Norport Civilian sprite.png Norport Civilian LUD5 5000 250 50 0
Norport Civilian sprite.png Norport Spy LUD6 5000 250 50 0
Siracusan Civilian sprite.png Siracusan Civilian SA17 3000 0 50 0
Talulah, the Fighter sprite.png Talulah, the Fighter U17 15000 600 350 50
Ursus Civilian sprite.png Ursus Civilian U16 3500 0 50 0