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Periodically deals great damage to any units on it.
—Description of operations featuring the Heat Pump Passage

Heat Pump Passage, also known as Heated Path in earlier content, is a terrain feature in Arknights.


Pumps out high temperature gas periodically, dealing damage that ignores DEF and Art Res to any units on it.

Likely due to the rampant Catastrophes, certain locations around Terra have unstable geothermal activity to which point cracks that pumps out intense heat at certain, often random, frequencies are often present, which can be hazardous to anyone and anything due to their unpredictability. This translates to a Heat Pump Passage "erupting" every several seconds, which deals True damage to units, both friendly and enemy, on it, which can be a double-edged sword as deploying a friendly unit on a Heat Pump Passage exposes them to a risk of losing a chunk of their HP periodically, but can also be used to whittle down enemies, especially those with high defenses. In addition, damage from Heat Pump Passages can charge up skills with defensive SP recovery and affects invisible/camouflaged units, making it a powerful tool against invisible enemies like Lurkers.

The Heat Pump Passages' eruption damage and interval varies on the operation they are featured; refer to each specific operation's terrain notes for more information.


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  • CN Heated Path teaser (April Fools).png
    In April Fools 2020, the CN server jokingly teased the Heat Pump Passage as an upcoming Operator.