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Not to be confused with Reed the Operator.

Operators within gain Camouflage.

Reeds are a terrain feature in Arknights.


Basically a group of reeds that could hide someone on it from the sight of others but can be set ablaze with fire attacks, Reeds are similar in function to Bushes but camouflages the friendly unit deployed on it instead of making them invisible, so the friendly can still be hit by area-of-effect attacks.

Certain enemies can ignite Reeds, turning it into Burning Reeds which no longer camouflages the friendly inside and causes them to receive 40 Arts damage and Burn Damage every second, and ignites the adjacent Reeds every 15 seconds unless if a friendly unit is deployed on it, in which case it will be extinguished after 20 seconds (reverting the Burning Reeds into Reeds in the process) and cannot be ignited for 5 seconds afterward.


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Enemy Interaction
Special Forces Soldier
Special Forces Captain
Becomes invisible while on Reeds.
Dublinn Flamechaser Soldier
Dublinn Flamechaser Elite Soldier
Dublinn Flamechaser Guard
Dublinn Flamechaser Elite Guard
Their attacks inflict Burn Damage equal to their ATK while in a radius of 1.5 tiles around a Burning Reeds.
Dublinn Flamecaller
Dublinn Flamecaller Captain
  • Their attacks ignite Reeds if the target is on one.
  • Their explosion upon defeat ignite Reeds caught in the blast.
Dublinn Spec Ops
Dublinn Elite Spec Ops
"The Brigadier"
Ignites Reeds on the tiles they pass through.
"The Leader"
Ignites all Reeds on the map upon entering the second phase.