LT-4: Mirage

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This article is about the operation in The Abandoned Lighthouse. For Nightingale's summoned unit, see Mirage.
Stationary Security Service: The Abandoned Lighthouse
Previous Banishment
Mirage TAL map.png
Starting Danger Level: 3
Under the intense mental stimulation, you feel as though you are standing in another land entirely. You must break free of this illusion. This is your only escape.


Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
6 20 3 57


Normal Special Forces Soldier ×4, Swamp Gloompincer ×6, Dublinn Flamechaser Soldier ×6, Pyric Originium Slug ×17
Elite Dublinn Flamerazer ×15, Dublinn Flamechaser Guard ×6, Dublinn Spec Ops ×2, Dublinn Elite Spec Ops ×1