LT-5: Fierce Currents

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Fierce Currents
Stationary Security Service: The Abandoned Lighthouse
Previous Mirage
Fierce Currents map.png
Starting Danger Level: 4
Even back in reality, you have no time for rest. The horrifying scene is now conspicuous before your eyes. You are but one step from the truth, provided you can overcome the obstacle before you.


Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
6 20 3 68
Terrain properties The Nethersea Brand spreads every x seconds; there is a Nethersea Brand on (to be added).


Normal Shell Sea Runner ×16, Ridge Sea Spitter ×13, Nethersea Predator ×14, Nethersea Spewer ×7
Elite Nourished Founder ×9, Nethersea Brandguider ×9
Additional information
  • Nethersea Brandguiders have 21000 HP and 1000 ATK.
  • Nethersea Predators have 3500 HP.
  • Nethersea Spewers have 700 ATK.
  • Ridge Sea Spitters have 310 ATK.
  • Shell Sea Runners have 330 ATK.