LT-6: Receding Tides

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Receding Tides
Stationary Security Service: The Abandoned Lighthouse
Receding Tides map.png
Starting Danger Level: 5
Its shell is as cold as the sea, and its lumens as hollow as the deep abyss. Its humanborn destiny ended when it stepped into the sea, long ago. It no longer belongs here, and it must not be allowed to remain.


Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
7 30 3 61


Normal Deep Sea Slider ×26, Floating Sea Drifter ×13
Elite Pocket Sea Crawler ×5, Nourished Piercer ×10, Nethersea Swarmcaller ×6
Boss Thirster
Additional information
  • Deep Sea Sliders have 3000 HP and 330 ATK.
  • Floating Sea Drifters have 3200 HP and 250 ATK.
  • Nethersea Swarmcallers have 200 ATK, 700 DEF, and 65 RES.
  • Nourished Piercers have 12000 HP and 600 ATK.