LT-4: Bad Company

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Bad Company
Stationary Security Service: Under-Construction Dossoles Plate
Bad Company map.png
Starting Danger Level: 3
It is not as if Ms. Candela had not considered shadier methods before reaching out to Rhodes Island. But in the eyes of the special detachment she sent, her way of greasing palms seemed like pocket change compared to the windfall Sandel promised.


Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
6 15 3 31


Normal Delinquent ×6, Delinquent Boss ×4, Lakeside Volunteer ×8, Lakeside Lifeguard ×2, Volleyball Serving Cart ×2, Volleyball Spiking Cart ×1 ~ 2
Elite Dockworker, Dockworker Leader ×0 ~ 1, Dockworker Motorboat ×5, Dockworker Leader Motorboat ×1, Mead-Grade Waker-Upper ×0 ~ 2
Additional information
Dockworkers and Dockworker Leaders ejected from Dockworker Leader Motorboats are excluded from the enemy counter.