TR-3: Training Ground #10

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Training Ground #10
Stationary Security Service: Security Drill
Training Ground 10 map.png
Starting Danger Level: 3
A training field specially built by Rhodes Island for the Security Drill, it simulates the mine area's environment in extraordinary detail.


Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
4 20 10 56


Normal Light-Armored Soldier ×18, Dual Swordsman ×17, Rabid Hound Pro ×12
Elite Heavy Defender ×5, Logger ×4
Additional information
  • Dual Swordsmen have 50 DEF.
  • Light-Armored Soldiers have 350 DEF.
  • Rabid Hound Pros have 2300 HP.


Preparation Area
Additional information
  • All the listed Operators are in Elite 2 Level 20 with the skill Level of 7 and considered to have 100% Trust.
  • All the listed Operators are at Potential 6 except Kjera who is at Potential 1.