LT-5: Tipsy Trip

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Tipsy Trip
Stationary Security Service: Under-Construction Dossoles Plate
Previous Bad Company
Tipsy Trip map.png
Starting Danger Level: 4
Afterwards, thanks to Pozëmka's appeals to emotion and Gavial's appeals to reason, the Durins finally agreed to cut down on the amount they drink–at least enough to not randomly follow other people around after one round.


Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
6 15 3 38


Normal Alcohol Lover ×7, Alcohol Association Member ×10, Lakeside Volunteer ×5, Lakeside Lifeguard ×2, Sandcastle Builder ×3
Elite Dockworker, Dockworker Motorboat ×0 ~ 2, Full Metal Surfing Instructor ×3, Alloy Surfing Instructor ×2, Competitive-Grade Beach Buggy ×0 ~ 2, Mead-Grade Waker-Upper ×2, Whiskey-Grade Waker-Upper ×2
Additional information
Dockworkers are excluded from the enemy counter.