LT-6: Smile Guaranteed

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Smile Guaranteed
Stationary Security Service: Alsterii Bellariorum Manufacture Platform
Smile Guaranteed map.png
Starting Danger Level: 5
Nobody can refuse such sweet smiles, especially not when they're charging toward you at full speed. But to get your hands on the limited edition waffle ice cream that the client promised, you know what you have to do.


Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
7 20 3 67


Normal Light-Armored Soldier ×24, Supersweetie Delivery Drone
Elite Demolitionist ×5, Bully ×5, Sarkaz Greatswordsman ×9, Sarkaz Absurdist Tyrant ×3, Ursus Raider ×16, Imperial Striker ×4
Boss "Supersweetie Smiley"
Additional information
  • Demolitionists have 1600 ATK.
  • Imperial Strikers have 800 ATK.
  • Light-Armored Soldiers have 3000 HP.
  • Sarkaz Greatswordsmen have 650 ATK and 300 DEF.
  • Sarkaz Absurdist Tyrants have 900 HP and 800 DEF.
  • Supersweetie Delivery Drones are spawned by the "Supersweetie Smiley" and excluded from the enemy counter.