LT-3: Numb Way Forward

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Numb Way Forward
Stationary Security Service: Mama John's New Plate
Numb Way Forward map.png
Starting Danger Level: 2
What is truly frightening is not the hidden danger, but the numbness. Those who keep their heads bowed will inevitably lose their way on the winding path.


Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
6 10 3 63
Static devices Turret ×2
Additional information
Turrets have 1000 ATK.


Normal Dual Swordsman ×15, Shielded Guard Leader ×13, Bloodthirsty Heir ×15
Elite Demolitionist Leader ×3, Fleet-footed Thief ×0 ~ 2, Teary Detective ×0 ~ 2, "Shiny Pooloo" ×0 ~ 2, Rotchaser ×9, Sarkaz Lancer ×2, Sarkaz Lancer Leader ×3
Additional information
A Fleet-footed Thief, Shiny Pooloo, or Teary Detective will spawn as bonus waves after the first and second wave's breaks.