LT-5: Sand Beast Cave

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Sand Beast Cave
Stationary Security Service: Iron Carrot Mine
Sand Beast Cave map.png
Starting Danger Level: 4
A group of exiled mercenaries have taken to using the place as a ranch. The sand beasts feed on the mutated Originium slugs, and often race about the mine in excitement after a meal.


Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
6 35 3 43


Normal Mutant Sand Beast ×21, Mutant Sand Beast α ×7, Originiutant Excrescence, Originiutant Tumor, Holographic Mirage, Holographic Mirage MK2
Elite Heavy Defender Leader ×3–6, "Redmark" Infiltrator ×7–9, "Redmark" Elite Infiltrator ×2–3
  • "Redmark" Elite Infiltrators have 430 ATK.
  • Holographic Mirages (MK2) and Originiutant Excrescences/Tumors are excluded from the enemy counter.