LT-7: Vicious Competition

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Vicious Competition
Stationary Security Service: Toron Mine
Vicious Competition map.png
Starting Danger Level: 6
A large number of mercenaries and wandering Infected have rushed into the mine and are sowing chaos in an organized manner. Upon investigation, it appears they were hired by a competing miners in the same city.


Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
6 20 3 81 ~ 86


Normal Spec Ops Soldier ×13–22, Breaker Leader ×34–44, Possessed Veteran Junkman ×16–17
Elite Demolitionist ×4, Demolitionist Leader ×1, Sarkaz Lancer ×2–3, Sarkaz Lancer Leader ×3
  • Demolitionists have 1300 ATK.
  • The Demolitionist Leader has 28000 HP and 1800 ATK.
  • Sarkaz Lancers have 4000 HP.
  • Sarkaz Lancer Leaders have 6000 HP.