LT-3: Evil Forces

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Evil Forces
Stationary Security Service: Iron Carrot Mine
Previous Mercenary
Evil Forces map.png
Starting Danger Level: 2
The local gangs and scoundrels seem to have their eye on the mine, regularly coming over to "see what they can help with." These people are harder to shake off than a hound.


Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
4 20 3 48 ~ 50


Normal Elite Sicilian ×22, Holographic Mirage MK2
Elite Bully ×2–5, Bulldozer ×0–1, Greytail ×7, Agent ×12, Agent Leader ×3, "Redmark" Elite Infiltrator ×0–2
  • "Redmark" Elite Infiltrator(s) have 350 ATK.
  • Holographic Mirages MK2 are excluded from the enemy counter.