LT-2: Walking Dead

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Walking Dead
Stationary Security Service: The Abandoned Lighthouse
Previous Sea Waves
Walking Dead map.png
Starting Danger Level: 1
The explorers who disappeared are all here. Their eyes are lifeless, and they start walking toward you unsteadily. You can feel no signs of life from them whatsoever, and your mind wavers at the sight.


Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
5 20 3 63


Normal Touch of the Sanguinarch ×35, Gift of the Sanguinarch, Sarkaz Royal Court Soldier ×24
Elite Sarkaz Heirbearer Retrofit ASV ×2, Sarkaz Heirbearer Chain Caster ×2
Additional information
  • Gifts of the Sanguinarch have 1300 HP, spawned from Sarkaz Heirbearer Chain Casters, and excluded from the enemy counter.
  • Sarkaz Heirbearer Chain Casters have 220 ATK.
  • Sarkaz Heirbearer Retrofit ASVs have 250 ATK.
  • Sarkaz Royal Court Soldiers have 160 ATK.
  • Touches of the Sanguinarch have 650 HP.