LT-3: Cheesy Lockdown

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Cheesy Lockdown
Stationary Security Service: Alsterii Bellariorum Manufacture Platform
Previous Sweet Party
Cheesy Lockdown map.png
Starting Danger Level: 2
To stop the surging waves of invaders from damaging the interior of the platform, you must stand your ground here and put a stop to their onslaught. The hard cheese is going to help... probably.


Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
5 20 3 35


Normal Ursus Mangler ×6, Ursus Mangler Packmother ×2, Ursus Assault Crossbowman ×6
Elite Fleet-footed Thief ×0 ~ 2, Teary Detective ×0 ~ 2, "Shiny Pooloo" ×0 ~ 2, Bully ×4, Ursus Raider ×5, Ursus Raider Leader ×6, Imperial Striker ×1, Elite Imperial Striker ×3
Additional information
A Fleet-footed Thief, Shiny Pooloo, or Teary Detective will spawn as bonus waves after the first and second wave's breaks.