LT-3: Industrial Improvement

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Industrial Improvement
Stationary Security Service: Under-Construction Dossoles Plate
Industrial Improvement map.png
Starting Danger Level: 2
As the mastermind behind the theft of the under-construction plate, Sandel knows how to keep abreast of the times. However, after purchasing cutting-edge technology and the latest know-how from Kazimierz, his coffers – stretched thin to begin with – have ended up dry.


Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
5 15 3 38 or 39


Normal Nameless Independent Knight ×3, Nameless Elite Knight ×14, Training Gloompincer ×3, Vicious Training Gloompincer ×2
Elite Fleet-footed Thief ×0 ~ 2, Teary Detective ×0 ~ 2, "Shiny Pooloo" ×0 ~ 2, "Plastic" Szewczyk, Elite Knight Shielder ×2, Bloodboil Knightclub Elite ×7 ~ 9, "Brassrust" Olmer Ingra, Bladehelm Knightclub Elite ×0 ~ 1, "Left-hand" Tytus Topola
Additional information
  • A Fleet-footed Thief, Shiny Pooloo, or Teary Detective will spawn as bonus waves after the first and second wave's breaks.
  • Either Szewczyk or Tytus Topola spawns at random, or may not spawn.