LT-1: Serendipity

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Stationary Security Service: Słoma Processing Platform
Serendipity map.png
Starting Danger Level: 0
Słoma Foods originally touted knight tournaments as one of the perks of working on its platforms, but few knights are willing to fight in such tiny arenas. Ironically, it is now inhabited by those who are down on their luck since the platform's abandonment.
<Nightfall> Operators cannot be deployed on tiles where you do not have visibility. Enemies in areas without visibility are treated as Invisible.


Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
4 20 3 58
Static devices City Neon ×2


Normal Rioter ×16–30, Rioter Leader ×5–19, Undertide Gloompincer ×11, Armorless Union Assassin ×7
Elite "Plastic" Szewczyk, Independent Knight Shielder ×4
Szewczyk has 500 ATK.