LT-6: Engineering Checkup

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Engineering Checkup
Stationary Security Service: Glebe Mining Platform
Engineering Checkup map.png
Starting Danger Level: 5
As the mining platform links up with the nomadic city for maintenance, militants disguised as engineers sabotage the platform under the cover of drones.


Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
6 20 3 69
Static devices Mobile Tactical Hangar ×1


Normal Light-Armored Soldier Leader ×0–45, Shielded Guard Leader ×0–45, Tactical Crossbowman ×8, Scrap, Anvil
Elite Elite Knight Shielder ×0–11, Possessed Heavy Defender Leader ×0–11, Heavy Defender Type-S ×0–11, Tactical Defender ×5
  • Tactical Defenders have 10000 HP.
  • Anvils and Scraps are excluded from the enemy counter.