LT-4: Ineffectual Organization

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Ineffectual Organization
Stationary Security Service: Iron Carrot Mine
Previous Evil Forces
Ineffectual Organization map.png
Starting Danger Level: 3
The scattered rioters appear strangely used to acting as an organization. They've somehow acquired Reunion uniforms and have begun acting as such. Their by-laws? Nothing but destruction.


Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
5 20 3 58


Normal Light-Armored Soldier Leader ×17, Rioter Leader ×18
Elite Defense Crusher ×2, Defense Crusher Leader ×5, Fleet-footed Thief ×0–3, Teary Detective ×0–3, "Shiny Pooloo" ×0–3, Agent ×3, Agent Leader ×6–10, Sarkaz Bladeweaver Leader ×0–4
  • A Fleet-footed Thief, Shiny Pooloo, or Teary Detective will spawn as bonus waves after the first and second wave's breaks, and the third wave.
  • Agents have 7000 HP.
  • Agent Leaders have 10000 HP.
  • Rioter Leaders have 3500 HP and 100 DEF.
  • Sarkaz Bladeweaver Leader(s) have 10500 HP.