LT-8: Unto the Breach

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Unto the Breach
Stationary Security Service: Toron Mine
Unto the Breach map.png
Starting Danger Level: 7
A gigantic creature of unknown origin tears through the earth and rocks as gang members and thugs gather around it, rapidly approaching the recently cleaned up mining site together. Is it under the control of these villains, or is it spurring them on?


Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
7 20 3 87


Normal Crude Sphere, Sicilian ×33, Brawler ×13, Elite Brawler ×7, Vicious Training Gloompincer ×15
Elite Heavy Defender Leader ×15, Hateful Avenger ×0–3, Tiacauh Brave ×0–3
Boss Spherical Colossus
  • Tiacauh Braves have 13000 HP.
  • Crude Spheres are excluded from the enemy counter.