Dublinn Flamerazer

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The Dublinn Flamerazer is an elite enemy in Arknights.

Enemy description
A special squad that uses flamethrowers in the Dublinn forces. Their leader's teachings reverbrate in their minds as they seek to reforge Terra amidst the endless flames.


An elite Dublinn soldier carrying a flamethrower and has a pyromaniac attitude, Dublinn Flamerazers have decent HP and DEF and attack by spewing fire with their flamethrower within a range of 1.5 tiles which can target friendly units on both melee and ranged tiles, dealing Arts damage and inflicting Burn Damage equal to 12% and 6% of the Flamerazer's ATK, respectively every 0.5 seconds for up to 6 seconds. The flamethrower attack has a cooldown of 10 seconds that only starts if it is not interrupted (including by Silencing the Flamerazer, which will also prevent them from using the flamethrower attack) within a duration of 10.6 seconds; the Flamerazer will use the flamethrower attack again on the nearest friendly unit within its range in the event it is interrupted; otherwise, they will use a melee attack that deals Physical damage when blocked or unable to use it.

When the Dublinn Flamerazer is defeated (unless if they are being Silenced at the moment), their flamethrower's fuel tanks will rupture and causes an explosion that deals Arts damage equal to the Flamerazer's ATK towards friendly units in a radius of 1.5 tiles around them. The said explosion will also instantly destroy Tattered Pillars (without putting them into the Damaged state first, causing the Pillars to immediately collapse) and defeat other Flamerazers caught in the blast; in the latter case, it could result in a chain reaction of conflagrating explosions similar to that of Smarties in Who is Real!


Main Theme 9-13S9-19-149-18S9-2
Story Collections AW-7TB-9
Annihilation County Hillock Countryside
Stationary Security Service Mirage
Integrated Strategies Long-term Trial
Reclamation Algorithm Endless Inferno
Contingency Contract County Hillock Depot
Paradox Simulation Bibeak: Certain VictoryChestnut: "Concentrate"Dorothy: Rebuild It, DorothyLeizi: Repute Presides, All Else FollowsMay: "Don't come any closer!"Reed: The Weight of a LifeYato: Spearhead Unwavering


Weight 3
Life Point penalty 1


Silence Stun Sleep Freeze Levitate Frighten Fear
Vulnerable Vulnerable Vulnerable Vulnerable Vulnerable Vulnerable Vulnerable

Contingency Contract buffs

Contract-enemy duspfr amod 2.png
Incinerator: Path of Blaze II
  • Increases HP, ATK, and RES by 100%, 30%, and 50, respectively
  • Reduces the flamethrower attack's cooldown by 60%
Contract-enemy duspfr amod 3.png
Incinerator: Path of Blaze III
  • Increases HP, ATK, and RES by 150%, 50%, and 50, respectively
  • Reduces the flamethrower attack's cooldown by 80%
Contract-enemy duspfr bmod 2.png
Incinerator: Path of Ember II
  • Increases HP, ATK, and RES by 70%, 50%, and 20, respectively
  • Increases the flamethrower attack's duration by 60%
  • Now is invisible
Contract-enemy duspfr bmod 3.png
Incinerator: Path of Ember III
  • Increases HP, ATK, and RES by 90%, 80%, and 30, respectively
  • Doubles the flamethrower attack's duration
  • Now is invisible