Hymnoi Hero

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The Hymnoi Hero is an elite enemy in Arknights.

Enemy description
An instructor enployed at the Hymnoi Training Base. Well loved by the students and somehow manages to keep their secret binge drinking a secret.


Can only be blocked by Operators with 3 Block or higher. Periodically casts Arts, dealing AoE Arts damage and temporarily reduce Operators' Block

A Minoan Forte training instructor who guides the participants of the Hymnoi Wisdom competition, Hymnoi Heroes will not deduct Life Points upon entering a Protection Objective, thus defeating him is entirely optional. However, due to his variety of abilities that empower enemies and debilitate allies, it is highly recommended to defeat the Hymnoi Hero to make things easier, though this is easier said than done due to his extremely high HP and good defenses, along with a plethora of abilities:

  • The Hymnoi Hero is counted as three enemies when blocked.
  • While the Hymnoi Hero is present, all enemies will regenerate 100 HP every second, which does not stack if multiple Hymnoi Heroes are present.
  • Throws a smoke bomb at a friendly unit in a radius of 2 tiles around the Hymnoi Hero, dealing Arts damage equal to his ATK in a radius of 1.5 tiles around the target and leaves a cloud of smoke for 10 seconds. Friendly units within the smoke cloud will have their block count reduced by 1, which does not stack if a single friendly is caught in multiple smoke clouds. The smoke bomb attack has a cooldown of 5 seconds from when the Hymnoi Hero spawns and 20 seconds afterwards.
  • When the Hymnoi Hero is defeated, a jar will appear on his position and remains for the rest of the operation, which restores 50 HP every second to friendly units in a radius of 2 tiles centered on the jar. The HP restoration does not stack if multiple jars' radius overlap on one friendly.


Interlocking Competition
Hymnoi Wisdom
Twilight Frontier

One Hymnoi Hero will spawn in Twilight Frontier if Daytime Ground - Conduct or Daytime Ground - Meditation are garrisoned; if both Posts are garrisoned, two Hymnoi Heroes will spawn.

  • Each Hymnoi Hero that would be spawned in Twilight Frontier will increase the operation's Sanity.png Sanity cost by 5, which will be refunded if the Hero enters a Protection Objective.
  • Defeating a Hymnoi Hero will increase the amount of Competition Medal.png Competition Medal awarded once Twilight Frontier is cleared by 1.


Weight 4
Life Point penalty 0


Silence Stun Sleep Freeze Levitate Tremble
Immune Vulnerable Vulnerable Vulnerable Vulnerable Vulnerable

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