Yumen Catastrophe Defense

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Units placed here deal more damage to ground units and take less damage from ground units.

Yumen Catastrophe Defenses are a terrain feature in Arknights.


Enemies can use these to climb up and down Yumen Catastrophe Defenses.
—Ladder tooltip

A fortified elevated position within the Yanese nomadic city of Yumen that provides height advantage to combat units on top of it, Yumen Catastrophe Defenses are the ranged tiles of all WB operations. Despite being ranged tiles, Yumen Catastrophe Defenses have the following properties that set them apart from the ranged tiles of other operations:

  • Units on Yumen Catastrophe Defenses will deal 30% more damage and take 30% less damage against/from non-aerial targets on regular low ground/melee tiles.
  • Enemies can pass through the Defenses; there are Ladders connecting them and melee tiles, which enemies can use to ascend into or descend from the Defenses.
  • While the Defenses only allows the deployment of ranged units, they are also considered as melee tiles for the purpose of interaction with certain skills and talents.


Side Stories All Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow (WB) operations
Contingency Contract Fortified Pass


Enemy Interaction
Shanhaizhong Skirmisher
Shanhaizhong Vigilante
Their attack range is extended to 2 tiles while on Yumen Catastrophe Defenses.
Shanhaizhong Relayer
Shanhaizhong Harbinger
Deploys a Shanhaizhong Cipher Machine on the first unoccupied Yumen Catastrophe Defense they passed through, unless if they are blocked.
Attacks friendly units on Yumen Catastrophe Defenses over those on regular tiles.
"Sand Voyager"
Immediately unloads all passengers upon reaching a Ladder.