Mark of Hui and Ming

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Operators placed on this tile gain the same Hui-Ming attribute as the Mark.

Mark of Hui and Ming is a terrain feature in Arknights.


A seal etched onto the ground which emits either a black or white aura, the Mark of Hui and Ming grants the friendly unit deployed on it either the Hui or Ming attribute that corresponds to the color of the smokes emanating from the Mark: black for Hui and white for Ming.

The attribute of Marks of Hui and Ming are predetermined by the operation, but the following can switch their attributes:


Marks of Hui and Ming appear in all WR operations except WR-1, and:

Story Collections BW-6DC-S-1PS-4TB-10
Contingency Contract Hui-ch'i Foothills
Paradox Simulation Dusk: Keep Calm and Stay CoolHung: Lump of GoldNian: "Dusk Ridding"

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