Lungmen Outskirts: Abandoned High-rise

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Lungmen Outskirts
Abandoned High-rise
Contingency Contract
Abandoned High-rise map.png
This high-rise was abandoned after being destroyed by the flames of war, and was subsequently captured by the enemy. They now leverage the visibility it brings to defend their territory – we must recapture it.
Appearances: C.C. Beta (Rotating Site #2), C.C. Barrenland (Rotating Site #5)


Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
8 10 3 113


Normal Crossbowman Leader ×11, Originium Slug β ×64, Monster ×10, Monster Mk II ×15, Bombtail ×5
Elite Logger ×8
Additional information
  • Bombtails have 3000 HP.
  • Monster Mk IIs have 2050 HP and 280 ATK.


Abandoned High-rise guide.png