Barrenlands: Windswept Highland

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Windswept Highland
Contingency Contract
Windswept Highland map.png
These perenially windswept highlands, far away from the paths of any nomadic cities, are believed to harbor hostile enemy forces. Investigate the situation and repel the threat.

Appearances: C.C. Cinder (Permanent Site), C.C. Lead Seal (Rotating Site #6), C.C. Spectrum (Rotating Site #2), C.C. Wild Scales (Rotating Site #6), C.C. Pine Soot (Rotating Site #2)


Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
9 4 3 62
Static devices Originium Flow Generator ×7


Normal Light-Armored Soldier ×13, Sarkaz Swordsman ×26, Sarkaz Sentinel Leader ×3
Elite Demolitionist ×1, Sarkaz Crossbowman ×3, Sarkaz Lancer ×5, Sarkaz Grudgebearer ×5, Sarkaz Bladeweaver ×5, Guerrilla Shieldguard ×1
  • The Demolitionist has 10000 HP, 1000 ATK, and 600 DEF.
  • The Guerrilla Shieldguard has 10000 HP, 600 ATK, 1000 DEF, and 40 RES.
  • Sarkaz Bladeweavers have 8000 HP and a speed of 0.5 tiles/second.
  • Sarkaz Crossbowmen have 350 ATK.
  • Sarkaz Grudgebearers have 600 ATK and 200 DEF.


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