Contingency Contract Lead Seal

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This Contingency Contract season has been released in the Global server of Arknights.
As such, the content of this page and the related subpages have been archived.
This article is about the Contingency Contract event. For the song, see Operation Lead Seal.

Contingency Contract #4 – Operation Lead Seal, often simply known as Contingency Contract #4 (CC4) or Contingency Contract Lead Seal (C.C. Lead Seal), is the sixth season of the namesake seasonal event in Arknights.


Permanent SiteAbandoned Mine
Rotating SitesArea 6 RuinsDeserted FactoryEast ArmoryLocked-Down PrisonPyrite GorgeTransport HubWindswept Highland
Contingency Contract Lead Seal schedule.png



EN CC4 Earthborn Metals Rerun.png

The Earthborn Metals Festival limited headhunting banner is rerunned.

All players who had pulled in the original Earthborn Metals banner during Ancient Forge will receive Headhunting Data Contracts equal to the amount of pulls they made there (given as an in-game mail).


EN CC4 Recruitment Update.png

The following Operators are added to the recruitment pool:

Magallan icon.png
Executor icon.png
Vermeil icon.png

The following tag combinations' rates are adjusted to accommodate the additions:

  • Rare
    • Top Operator + DPS + Slow, Top Operator + Ranged + Slow/Support, Top Operator + Slow/Support, Top Operator + Supporter, Top Operator + Supporter + DPS/Slow/Support (now guarantees Magallan)

Note that all current tags will be refreshed once the recruitment pool are updated.


EN CC4 Rerun Outfits.png

The following outfits are available in the Outfit Store:

Ch'en Skin 1 icon.png
Liskarm Skin 1 icon.png
Swire Skin 1 icon.png


Operator Record/Paradox Simulation

New Operator Records/Paradox Simulations are added for the following Operators:

Operator Operator Record(s) Paradox Simulation
Lancet-2 icon.png
A Piece of Grafitti Not added
Mayer icon.png
One Packed Daily Schedule The Aesthetics of Explosions
Melantha icon.png
Team Captain Pain Endurance
Vigna icon.png
What You've Gotta Do Passion

Path to Glory

New medals related to the Operator Trust and the Liaison's Medal V are added.