Headhunting Data Contract

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Headhunting Data Contract is a currency in Arknights.

Item description
A time-limited currency arranged for a new type of headhunting contract; Collect enough to recruit an operator from a designated pool for a limited time

A long-term, stable relationship with the headhunting agency can effectively control our expenditures. However, we hope that this method will not be required every time.


These special currencies can be used to add the rate-up Operators within a limited headhunting banner while it is up into the player's roster (from the Headhunting Data Contract section of Certificate Store) as part of the "spark" system for limited headhunting banners introduced in Cremation Last Wish.

Rate-up 6★ Operators cost 300 Headhunting Data Contract icon.png to add, while 5★ Operators cost 75 Headhunting Data Contract icon.png. This means that directly buying the 6★ Operator, especially limited ones, are only an alternative if they do not appear after at least 300 pulls, making it only useful for those utilizing an extremely high amount of Orundum.png Orundum, Originite Prime.png Originite Prime, and/or Headhunting Permits.

For reference, the maximum amount of Orundum a free-to-play player can earn per month, maintenance compensations excluded, is 15000 Orundum icon.png, with 2400 Orundum icon.png being Headhunting Permits' worth. This means that a free-to-play player would need to save Orundum and Headhunting Permits for an entire year to be able to buy the rate-up 6★ Operator, assuming they were unable to obtain the operator in question.


Each pull within a limited headhunting banner from Cremation Last Wish onwards give one Headhunting Data Contract regardless of the rarity of the Operator who appeared in the pull.

When the limited headhunting banner ends, each Headhunting Data Contract the player has will be converted into 6 Headhunting Parametric Model.png Headhunting Parametric Model. Headhunting Data Contracts cannot be saved or otherwise transferred to another limited headhunting banner.