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Distinction Certificate is a currency in Arknights.

Item description
A certificate that attests to an operator's distinguished accomplishments and expertise. Can be exchanged for rare items.

The Infection Isolation Act is the last vestige of modern nation states. As long as you have some special ability, it is but a meaningless piece of paper. (The words of her Leithanien mentor.)


These certificates marks the expertise and distinguishment of veteran and elite Rhodes Island Operators, and can be used to purchase various items in the Distinctions Store, notably adding a 6★ and 5★ Operator from the current Standard Pool headhunting banner into the player's roster.


Obtaining a new Operator awards 1 Distinction Certificate icon.png.

When the player obtains a duplicate of an 5★ or 6★ Operator they already have, they will be awarded with varying amounts of Distinction Certificates based on the Operator's rarity:

Rarity 1st ~ 5th 6th onwards
5★ 5 Distinction Certificate icon.png 8 Distinction Certificate icon.png
6★ 10 Distinction Certificate icon.png 15 Distinction Certificate icon.png

Excess Operator Tokens of 4★ to 6★ Operators whose potential are maxed out can be traded for Distinction Certificates at the Certificate Store:

4★ 1 Distinction Certificate icon.png
5★ 5 Distinction Certificate icon.png
6★ 10 Distinction Certificate icon.png

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