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Currencies are used to purchase items in various stores with the following exceptions:

  • LMD is used to train/promote Operators and process materials at the Workshop.
  • Originite Prime can be exchanged for Orundum, which is used for headhunting.
  • Operation Agreements are used to unlock new Contracts in Contingency Contract.
  • Information Fragments are used to unlock minor event interludes at the Archives.
  • Event Crystals are used to unlock past major events' operations at the Terminal.
Commendation Certificate
Contract Bounty
Contract Bounty Beta.png
Crystal Contract Bounty
Distinction Certificate
Event Crystal
Furniture Part
Headhunting Data Contract Cremation Last Wish.png
Headhunting Data Contract Deep Drown Lament.png
Headhunting Data Contract Earthborn Metals Rerun.png
Headhunting Data Contract Forget Me Not.png
Headhunting Data Contract Hidden Moon.png
Headhunting Data Contract Holiday Stars.png
Headhunting Data Contract Path of the Radiant.png
Headhunting Data Contract Unstrained Liquor Pellucid Heart.png
Headhunting Parametric Model
Information Fragment
Intelligence Certificate
Operation Agreement
Originite Prime
Purchase Certificate
Universal Certificate