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Originite Prime is a currency in Arknights.

Item description
Dangerous but necessary, this precious material is widely used across many fields.

Widely used in industry, this Originium crystal is difficult to extract. Its production requires very fine processing, but it remains the major energy source of the world and the foundation of Originium Arts. Even if widespread rumors claim "Originite Prime spreads an incurable disease," few can resist its temptation.


The rarest derivative of Originium, Originite Prime is very valuable due to its high energy yield – the highest of all Originium derivatives. However, this also makes Originite Prime more hazardous.

Originite Prime can be used for the following:

  • Restoring Sanity.png Sanity; 1 Originite Prime icon.png can be spent to restore the player's Sanity by the current maximum amount (e.g. when the player's maximum Sanity is 120 Sanity icon.png, using 1 Originite Prime icon.png will restore 120 Sanity icon.png).
  • Extra Orundum.png Orundum; 1 Originite Prime icon.png can be exchanged for 180 Orundum icon.png.
  • Purchasing Operator outfits.
  • Purchasing furnitures as an alternative to Furniture Part.png Furniture Part.
  • Purchasing Pro Enhancement Packs.


Other than the methods listed below, Originite Primes are often given out during events and as form of compensations, typically for maintenance; the latter of which is through the in-game mail.


1 Originite Prime icon.png is awarded when an operation is cleared with 3 stars for the first time, except for the Story Environment version; if the operation have a Challenge Mode or Adverse Environment version, clearing it for the first time awards 1 Originite Prime icon.png as well.

For interludes, simply watching it for the first time awards 1 Originite Prime icon.png.

As of April 16, 2024 in the Global server, a grand total of 521 Originite Prime icon.png can be obtained from Main Theme operations (including Challenge Modes/Adverse Environments and Extreme Modes).


Originite Prime can be purchased with real money in the Originium Store.

The Monthly Card awards 6 Originite Prime icon.png in every purchase.

The following packs include varying amounts of Originite Prime:

  • Starter Upgrade Pack: 13 Originite Prime icon.png
  • Starter Furniture Pack: 6 Originite Prime icon.png
  • Monthly Headhunting Pack: 42 Originite Prime icon.png


  • For players who want to spend little to no money, Originite Prime should be prioritized for purchasing outfits.
    • If the player does not care about cosmetics, then feel free to use Originite Prime for restoring Sanity or exchanging them for Orundum depending on one's needs.
  • Try to prioritize using Originite Prime to purchase Pro Enhancement Packs, which is very helpful for the player to build their Operators.


  • Before the release of Episode 06 in the CN server and Code of Brawl on the Global server, players can only use Originite Prime to restore their Sanity for a maximum of 10 times in a day.
  • There is a menu on Options which shows how much Originite Prime the player has purchased and those the player earns from other means; when using Originite Prime, the paid ones will be consumed before the free ones.
  • Despite being from a paid pack, Originite Prime purchased from the Monthly Card was counted as free Originite Prime.