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This article is about the episode's article. For the episode's release event, see Episode 6: Partial Necrosis.

The sixth episode of Arknights' Main Theme is titled Partial Necrosis.


Episode 06: Partial Necrosis

Shadowy Purges

After repelling Reunion's occupation of the Lungmen Guard Department's headquarters, Rhodes Island and the L.G.D. perform a joint operation to clear the city of its Reunion presence once and for all. On Rhode Island's side, Blaze, Amiya, Doctor, and the un-infected GreyThroat are deployed. Meanwhile, Mephisto uses his Originium Arts to turn some of his men into zombie-like Herds, who begin attacking anyone around them, including their fellow Reunion comrades. He plans to use the horde of undead to decimate both Rhodes Island and the L.G.D. and allow him to escape Lungmen, but Faust is disgusted by his actions and leaves him. The horde soon reaches Blaze and the Doctor, forcing them to flee.

While Ch'en and Swire are leading their squads in the slums, the former encounters a band of mysterious assassins named the "Black Raincoats" viciously killing Reunion fighters and thinning out Mephisto's horde. Along them are three Yanese imperial censors, Leizi, Taihe, and Jie Zhen, who are monitoring the situation. The assassins' indiscriminate killing of anyone, including civilians and children, horrifies everyone, yet the censors did not restrict their actions. Furthermore, most of the buildings have been abandoned and the streets are empty, as if the residents of the slums suddenly all disappeared at once. The leader of the Black Raincoats approaches Ch'en and asks for a temporary truce between them, arguing that they should both focus on Reunion first. Ch'en demands to know where the slum dwellers went, but they warn her not to investigate what happened here, implying that they have Wei Yenwu's authority to be there. The shadowy figure then disappears, leaving Ch'en with more questions than answers.

Swire immediately contacts Lin Yühsia, the daughter of the slums' godfather, who is well familiar with the underground world. Yühsia does not reveal much to her friend but only mentions that she is in on Wei's plan to not only level the slums, but to purge the Infected from it; by doing so, Reunion would have no place to hide in the slums, and no chance to escape Lungmen. With this, Ch'en and Swire realize that Wei is planning to destroy the slums and kill its residents using the Black Raincoats, having been ordered by the censors to conduct the purge.

Broken Arrows

Meanwhile, Faust makes it back to Mephisto, as the only way they can defeat the L.G.D. is if they combine their forces. He tells Mephisto not to use the same Arts again, but Mephisto believes the only thing that matters is their survival. Mephisto was once a boy named Eno, whose only friend was a boy who lived in the sewers named Sasha. Eno gave Sasha bread and taught him how to read and write, while Sasha defended Eno from bullies; however, Eno still suffered terrible abuse from his family. One day, Eno became infected when he was forced to swallow a piece of Originium. The infection gave him the ability to heal wounds, which he used to manipulate the other neighborhood kids into killing his abusive parents. Eno and Sasha vowed to survive together, and the latter also swallowed Originium so they could both be Infected together. The pair joined Reunion, where they were initiated as new members by Talulah. They shed their old names and their past lives — Eno became Mephisto, and Sasha became Faust.

The broken crossbow, left by Faust after his death

Rhodes Island and the L.G.D. prepare to enter the slums to engage Reunion. Meanwhile, Faust orders Reunion to push further into the slums, as they are the only way out of Lungmen. He also plans to die fighting so everyone else can get out, with FrostNova replacing him as commander of his army. Despite his protests, Faust says that his last wish is for Mephisto to survive on his own. He orders his men to take Mephisto with them, then stays behind, using his Arts to cover their tracks and giving them the chance to escape. GreyThroat witnesses Faust's death in battle and reports back to Amiya. Amiya and Ch'en then receive intel that FrostNova's Yeti Squad have joined with Reunion's forces through a passageway under the slums.

Nine, Ch'en's senior in the L.G.D. who had become infected years prior, suddenly decides to switch sides and join Reunion, believing that Lungmen doesn't care about the Infected and the L.G.D. can't protect them. Ch'en comes up with an idea to steer the Yeti Squad towards the Black Raincoats, so both the L.G.D.'s enemies can destroy each other at once. Meanwhile, Mephisto has entered a completely withdrawn state after Faust's death. FrostNova and the Yeti Squad take over fighting, pushing back against the Black Raincoats through FrostNova's worsening condition. She eventually lowers the temperature so much that she overstrains her body and falls unconscious, already near death. However, FrostNova's sacrifice lets the rest of Reunion to pull ahead of the L.G.D. The Yeti Squad instruct the rest of Reunion to take FrostNova back to Chernobog so she can be with Patriot when she dies, then move to hold back the L.G.D. and buy them more time to escape.

Fading Frost

Rhodes Island and the L.G.D. join forces one last time in a fight to the death against the Yeti Squad. Ch'en saves Blaze from an encounter with the three imperial censors, who disparage Blaze for being Infected. Meanwhile, FrostNova wakes up and discovers that the Yeti Squad has gone without her; she then elects to stay behind and die in Lungmen, instructing Reunion forces to take Mephisto and go. Rhodes Island later finds her at the same spot, her body paralyzed. However, in one last stand, FrostNova pierces her skin with Originium to once again use her Arts. FrostNova is powerful enough to overpower the combined forces of Amiya, Blaze, and Greythroat at once. However, she betrays her true feelings during the battle, confessing that she believes Reunion has failed in their mission to help the Infected, and that she and her brothers have fought and died for nothing. She finally challenges R.I. to a fight to the death, believing that R.I. cannot hope to achieve its goals if they can't defeat her, let alone Talulah.

"I... would like to join Rhodes Island."

The cold finally withdraws when Rhodes Island defeats FrostNova, and the Doctor stays behind to hold her as she dies. FrostNova regrets joining Reunion and committing so many atrocities in her last moments, but implores the Doctor to save the "real" Talulah from her destructive path. She joins Rhodes Island before dying in the Doctor's arms.

In the aftermath, Reunion were completely expelled from Lungmen in a pyrrhic victory. The slums have been dismantled and its people displaced. Many Reunion fighters fell during the bloodshed. Despite Swire's warning, Ch'en continues investigating into the matters of the slums and discovers the corpses of Infected in the sewers, evidence which confirms that the dissolution of the slums was not without violence. Although it is later revealed in the future that many of the Infected were already evacuated with the aid of the Black Raincoats and the Lin who defied Wei's orders, the suspicion is already laid inside her heart.

It's still not over yet....

Amiya confronts Wei Yenwu for utilizing the Black Raincoats to wreak havoc in the slums behind the backs of both Rhodes Island and the L.G.D.. She cancels the contract between Rhodes Island and Lungmen, citing the lack of transparency. Suddenly, Ch'en barges into the room, just as angry at the same man; she accuses Wei of not only wishing to eradicate the Infected of Lungmen, but of killing her sister Talulah's father. Wei rebuffs the accusations and tells Ch'en to stand down, but the argument is interrupted by Kal'tsit. She tells the group that Talulah has maneuvered the urban core of Chernobog to collide with Lungmen in thirty-six hours. The core has already begun spamming urban identification codes to all of Lungmen's sub-cities, all with the same message: "This city still belongs to Ursus."

Meanwhile, Crownslayer falls into a trap set by Kal'tsit and Projekt Red. She is furious to see Kal'tsit, who she believes was part of the traitorous group which sold out her father Ilia and other scientists to the Ursus government, causing their deaths. Kal'tsit allows the girl to submit to her anger and kill her, but only if she can defeat her Mon3tr. Kal'tsit also tells her the truth: that Sergei only betrayed her father because the lives of his children, Alex and Misha, were in danger. However, the scientists did not die in vain; because they had sealed the sarcophagus, they prevented the Ursus Empire from using he machines inside it against others. Kal'tsit tries to persuade Crownslayer to leave Reunion and the path of revenge, blaming it for Sergei, Alex, and Misha's deaths. After hearing Kal'tsit's words, Crownslayer leaves the city as ordered and seemingly deserts Reunion.


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