Episode 04

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The fourth episode of Arknights' Main Theme and the start of the Shatter of a Vision story arc is titled Burning Run.


Episode 04: Burning Run

Out of the Frying Pan...

After returning to Rhodes Island's headquarters in Lungmen, Kal'tsit scolds the Doctor for not taking care of Amiya, who is visibly shaken and forlorn after Misha's tragic death. Amiya goes for a walk in the slums to clear her head, where she sees Ch'en receiving a small teddy bear from a young girl. Amiya asks Ch'en what she is doing in the slums, but the other woman only states that she is "taking care of Lungmen's business." She later tells the Doctor that this experience made her believe that despite their differences, Ch'en is not so different from Rhodes Island after all. Amiya regains some confidence in Rhodes Island's mission.

Rhodes Island's scout team has found evidence of several Reunion hideouts in Lungmen's residential district. However, when Amiya suggests another joint operation between R.I. and the L.G.D., Ch'en refuses, stating that an Infected faction carrying out more missions in Lungmen will sow disorder.

Meanwhile, two days after the the fruitless rescue operation for Misha, Rhodes Island dispatches a reconnaissance team led by Meteorite, Jessica, and Frostleaf into an abandoned city not far from Lungmen, which formed in the aftermath of the Chernobog incident. Upon their arrival, they realize that the city had turned into a makeshift base for Reunion after its destruction by the Catastrophe. Nevertheless, they carry out their mission to search for survivors, explore the city, and uncover new information for Rhodes Island.

Along their way, the team notices a sudden drop in temperature. Frostleaf discovers thick frost covering the surrounding buildings and recognizes these as signs of an unfriendly faction — the infamous Yeti Squadron that once wandered around the northern tundra and are rumored to have overwhelmed Ursus' forces in the past. Suddenly, Mephisto and W attack them, forcing them to retreat deeper into the ruins of the city. Jessica calls Amiya during the attack to call for backup, but Frostleaf insists that Amiya not come, lest she become trapped with them. Amiya convinces Ch'en to agree to another joint operation between R.I. and the L.G.D. in order to rescue the recon team.

...and Into the Fire

Seeing that the recon team is in danger, R.I. and the L.G.D., including Ch'en and Hoshiguma, arrive at the abandoned city. Ch'en suddenly sees Talulah and runs off after her, separating from the rest of the team, who are attacked by Reunion. Amiya decides to goes deeper into the Originium dense zone of the city to find Ch'en and the recon team while the L.G.D. stays behind to guard the entrance to the zone. Amiya eventually finds Ch'en, who denies going after Talulah and turns back to find her squad. R.I. then discovers Frostbite hiding from Mephisto and his forces in a building. Frostbite shows Amiya that the cold spread by the Yetis has not only caused frostbite all over her body, but has also frozen over their communication devices, cutting off contact with Meterorite and Jessica. After clearing out some Reunion forces, the team find Meterorite and Jessica, but the latter is completely despondent. Amiya manages to get Jessica out from her shell shock by somehow connecting to her mentally and encouraging her to wake up. Frostleaf questions how she was able to do this, but Amiya asks her to keep it a secret from Dr Kal'tsit. Meanwhile, Mephisto continues taunting Rhodes Island to come out, and sets parts of the abandoned city (with refugees still in them) on fire, to everyone's horror. Rhodes Island comes out and attacks Mephisto directly, when a sudden chill fills the air...

The "Yeti Princess," arriving with a merciless blizzard

The Yeti Squadron arrives with their "master," FrostNova. Upon her arrival, the temperature drops sharply, and ice begins to form on the ground. Surmising that FrostNova is draining all the heat from her surroundings and that they have no chance against her, Amiya immediately orders Rhodes island to retreat. Frostleaf puts her own life on the line to buy time for Rhodes Island to evacuate, but Meteorite comes to her rescue and bombards the area with her explosives. The team takes the opportunity to escape successfully. Speaking to a mysterious figure, FrostNova vows to go after Rhodes Island.


Harder operations are in orange-red.

  • All operations are worth 30 Originite Prime icon.png.
  • S4-10 is added with the release of Episode 06.