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Phantom Crossbowman

The Phantom Crossbowmen are elite Reunion marksmen. They started out as regular marksmen that taught Faust sharpshooting skills in the early days of Reunion, eventually becoming lead by Faust, going on to become an exceptional marksman and the Phantom Crossbowmen's leader. The Phantom Crossbowmen had since followed Faust throughout conflicts involving Reunion, including the fall of Chernobog and the attack on Lungmen. They had followed Faust until his death in the aftermath of the attack on Lungmen, after which they briefly fought alongside the Yeti Squadron before temporarily fighting alongside the Guerrillas after Patriot's death. However, the Phantom Crossbowman later rejoined Reunion under Nine and take part in the attack on Rhodes Island landship where they managed to retrieve Faust's crossbow.

The Phantom Crossbowmen can become invisible through Faust's Originium Arts, allowing them to deal in psychological warfare by making it appear that Faust is firing from multiple locations at once.

Yeti Squadron

They were like the chill of winter itself. The land was said to freeze underneath their feet. Buildings would collapse, turned into nothing more than grains of snow drifting across an empty battlefield. The trenches where the Ursus soldiers were stationed became their icy grave.
Frostleaf describing the Yeti Squadron[1]

The Yeti Squadron is a band of arctic warfare soldiers led by FrostNova and made up of those following her since their rescue from an Ursine Originium mining camp in the northern tundra who assisted Patriot during his times leading an insurgency against Ursus and followed him when he joined Reunion. The Yetis have since fought across multiple fronts for Reunion until they met their ultimate annihilation at the hands of the Shadow Guards during the Chernobog-Lungmen crisis.

Members of the Yeti Squadron are adept at using cryogenic Arts, including those channeled by Originium Ice Crystals, and capitalizing on them by exploiting the vulnerability of those frozen by the Yetis' Arts.


Infused Glacial Originium Slug
Infused Glacial Originium Slug α
Yeti Operative
Yeti Sniper
Yeti Sniper Leader
Yeti Caster
Yeti Caster Leader
Yeti Icecleaver
Yeti Icecleaver Leader
FrostNova, "Winter's Scar"

Patriot's Guerrillas

Patriot's Guerrillas, or simply the Guerrillas or the Shieldguards, are a guerrilla force under Patriot's command, consisting of ex-Ursus Army Shieldguards who followed him ever since he led an insurgency against Ursus and Sarkaz guerrilla fighters, primarily operating in the Northern Tundra before Patriot joins Reunion. As their first and foremost goal is to defend the Infected from persecution, they receive this honorable title "the Aegis of the Infected." Following Patriot's death during the Chernobog-Lungmen crisis, the Guerrillas aided R.I. in clearing the way from the Possessed infesting Chernobog's core district and holding off the Ursus Army who attacked Chernobog under the guise of Reunion fighters during the climax of the crisis. The Shieldguards notably did not rejoin Reunion under Nine but the Sarkaz fighters did and take part in the attack on the Rhodes Island landship.

The Guerrillas are feared by the Ursines due to their discipline and coordination, and ability to strike down their enemies long before they can even react. They also make use of Sarkaz ritual apparatuses known as Originium Altars.


Guerrilla Hound
Guerrilla Hound Pro
Guerrilla Fighter
Guerrilla Fighter Leader
Guerrilla Sniper
Guerrilla Sniper Leader
Guerrilla Herald
Guerrilla Herald Leader
Guerrilla Shieldguard
Guerrilla Shieldguard Leader
Guerrilla Mortar
Guerrilla Mortar Leader
Guerrilla Siegebreaker
Guerrilla Siegebreaker Leader
Sarkaz Guerrilla Fighter
Sarkaz Guerrilla Fighter Leader
Sarkaz Guerrilla Caster
Sarkaz Guerrilla Caster Leader

Mudrock Squad

The Mudrock Squad is a band of Sarkaz warriors that, as the name implies, led by Mudrock, which cut off their ties with Reunion after its radicalization and follows Mudrock out of loyalty.[2] The Mudrock Squad is notably involved in the insurgency in Wolumonde where they sided with the Infected insurgents, bringing them into conflict with Rhodes Island in the process. Following the insurgency, the Mudrock Squad left Leithanien alongside some Infected Wolumonders and take them into Kazdel, during which they also come into conflict with the Echoes of Herkunftshorn. The Mudrock Squad is taken under R.I.'s wing after they were saved by Logos.

The Mudrock Squad is notable for combining Leithanian and Kazdelian Arts to good effect in combat and supported by the massive Colossi created by Mudrock herself. Whether the Mudrock Squad is made up of Gargoyles or not, given that Mudrock herself is one, remains unknown.


Mudrock Matterllurgist
Mudrock Matterllurgist Leader
Mudrock Zealot
Mudrock Zealot Leader
Mudrock Colossus
Hexed Colossus