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Misha is an NPC in Arknights. She is the deuteragonist of Episodes 02 and 03.


Misha is the only daughter of Sergei, a high-profile Ursus scientist researching the Sarcophagus in Chernobog alongside Kal'tsit and Ilia (Crownslayer's father). She is also the elder twin sister of Alex. However, her father was preyed by Ursus' Fourth Army due to his involvement in the research. Both Alex and Misha were held hostage by the government to force him to reveal Ilia's involvement in the Sarcophagus' study.[1] After the incident, Misha lived together with her mother and brother and they were later infected by Oripathy. Her mother was also murdered by Ursus' Infected Patrols and her brother went missing since then.[2]


Episode 02

Around a week after the uprising in Chernobog, Misha became one of the many Ursine refugees who entered Lungmen and resided in the slums due to her status as an Infected. However, little did others know that Misha was holding one of the access keys to Chernobog's nomadic city control systems. As a matter of fact, she was sought after by Talulah to fulfil her plan in Chernobog.[3] Led by Skullshatterer, the Reunion Assault Squad secretly infiltrated Lungmen to recover Misha.

Misha was saved from an anti-Infected riot by Rhodes Island, which was cooperating with Lungmen Guard Department to recover her. After Amiya and her team located her in an abandoned building, they convinced Misha that the R.I. was here to rescue her even though she distrusted them.[4] However, Misha later learnt that R.I. was intending to hand her over to L.G.D., causing her to start doubting their goodwill.[5]

Skullshatterer encountered Misha during his search in Lungmen

Amidst a firefight between R.I. and Reunion, Misha encountered Skullshatter while hiding in a tenement building.[6] Skullshatterer seemed to recognize her. However, she did not know who he was and was instead picked up by R.I. to escape. Along the way, she also lamented the sight of R.I. and Reunion fighting against each other even though both were fighting for the rights of the Infected.[7] The constant action also strained Misha's Oripathy-ridden health.[8]

Before Misha was handed to the L.G.D, Misha showhow felt that R.I. was indeed good people after the team saved the life of an Infected Lungmenite.[9] She accepted herself to be taken into the L.G.D.'s custody and promised Amiya that she would teach her how to craft dolls.[10] Although Ch'en herself had already set up the red line between herself and Misha as an officer against the Infected, she promised that she will explain to her the L.G.D.'s intention.[11] But unexpectedly, W made an abush attack on the L.G.D. squard and successfully captured Misha.[12]

Episode 03

W brought Misha to Skullshatterer in the wilderness outside Lungmen. To her surprise, Skullshatterer was actually her long lost brother Alex whom she believed was dead during the persecution led by Ursus' government. In turn, he said that the old Alex was already long gone. He wished that Misha could help him fight for the Infected on his side despite Misha's persuasion.[13] At the same time, Misha learnt from her brother how to use his Originium grenade launchers.[14]

However, their reunion was simply too short. Skullshatter's Assault Squad soldiers informed him that R.I. and the L.G.D. were coming after them. To protect Misha, Skullshatter ordered his soldiers to protect her while he led his team against them. Once again, Misha persuaded that why did they not want to cooperate with R.I. But all she received was his anger towards R.I. for being their traitors. Before his departure, Misha wanted him to promise that he will come back alive and go home together.[14]

The "Skullshatterer" had once again resurrected.

When Skullshatter was accidentally killed by Amiya's Sarkaz King power, Misha felt that sudden moment. She also witnessed the tragedies among the Reunion members and even broadcast it to Amiya during her phone call. From that moment onwards, Misha decided to side with Reunion.[2] Upon learning her brother's death, she spent some time to stay with him for the last moment. She found out a way to encourage the Assault Squad—becoming the second "Skullshatter" herself by wearing his robe and mask and carrying his Originium grenade launchers.[15]

The return of the "Skullshatter" stirred up the soldiers' spirits once again, but Amiya was totally depressed. She knew that this "Skullshatter" was in fact Misha and felt that all she did had failed her. On the other hand, Ch'en realized that there was no way to persuade her. Together with her L.G.D. force, she lauched an all assault towards "Skullshatter" and her soldiers. The cost for this battle was Misha's life and the annihilation of the Assault Squad.[16]


May you rest in peace, Misha...

Misha's death left a total impact on Amiya. It was from that moment onwards, Amiya had learnt the inequality of this world. Trying to comfort her, Ch'en told her that if Reunion was willing to cooperate with her, there won't be any bloodshed. Every decision made will eventually lead to its consequence—that's the lesson she learnt.[17] Until this day, Amiya still remembers that tragic moment when R.I had no choice but to kill her.[18]