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Reunion Member
Lungmen Alley

Before operation

The medical team believes that Misha is suffering from an acute flare-up of Oripathy that requires immediate treatment.
However, a conflict breaks out between Reunion and ordinary Infected people.
<Background 1>
Misha Nngh...
Exusiai What's wrong with her...?
Amiya It's an acute symptom of Oripathy!
But it's only been a week...!
Liskarm There's also an acute form of Oripathy?
Franka, which type is yours?
Franka What, are you concerned about me?
Liskarm Amiya, if Franka passes away, I hope that Rhodes Island will cremate her.
Franka Hey!
That's mean, Liskarm!
Liskarm You're the one who's always talking about passing the infection on to me!
Amiya Aha... Ahaha...!
The difference between the acute and chronic types is a rather complicated topic.
However, Misha's condition is very dangerous.
If we don't do anything, this condition will become life threatening very quickly.
All we can do is give her some emergency treatment...
But we must control Misha's symptoms as quickly as possible.
We have to make this clear to Lungmen. After this ends, we have to bring Misha with us back to Rhodes Island.
This is part of our responsibility.
Exusiai Um...
Is she... going to explode soon?
Oww! That hurt! Why'd you hit me...
Texas Watch your mouth.
Exusiai Ughh...
Franka If I'm going to explode one day, I'll make sure to crawl up to you.
Exusiai I'm sorry! Miss Franka, please forgive me for everything I've done!
Franka Pfft...
Liskarm Let's transfer her to a safe place first.
By the way, we seem to have a situation behind us.
<Background fades out and in>
Infected What are you doing?! Get out!!
Reunion Member We're all fellow Infected here, don't make us resort to violence! Get out of our way!
Infected You've already destroyed our home, and now you're trying to get the L.G.D. here?! Forget it!!
Infected You little...! You ignorant fool, get out of the way!!
Now you've done it!
Franka (Are we going to step in?)
(We seem to have finally lost them. But if we intervene now, we're going to be exposed.)
Liskarm (Is this going to get in the way of our mission? If so, how serious are the consequences going to be?)
Franka (Of course this is going to interfere, but...)
(It won't be that serious, right?)
Amiya Let's do it, then.
Rhodes Island's unequivocal mission to save the Infected, as long as the situation permits.
Franka Mmhm, good.
I knew following you was the right decision.
Amiya What do you mean by that, Miss Franka?
Franka Don't worry, don't worry! I was just complimenting you!
Liskarm She probably thinks that she can get along well with you.
Franka How do you know me so well?
Liskarm Probably because you're so annoying?
Amiya Ugh...
Franka It's time to teach these thugs a lesson.
Amiya Yes.
Be careful of the enemies who can jump between buildings.
In addition, make sure to protect Lungmen's Infected civilians!
Texas That's asking for a lot.
––But, I'll handle it.
Exusiai All right, let's go!
Dr {player_name}, make sure to lead me and Texas well!

After operation

Although they did rescue some people, the homes they destroyed could not be restored, leaving everyone at a loss.
In order to complete the agreement with Lungmen, the group needs to move on.
<Background 1>
Infected Thank you... Thank you so much...
Amiya It's not safe here. You should hurry and leave.
Infected Leave...?
Where... would we go?
This was a place we could call home... But it's all ruined now...
Amiya I'm sorry...
Infected It's not your fault...
It's not...
<Background fades out and in>
Exusiai I didn't expect Reunion, the self-proclaimed savior of the Infected, to attack other Infected.
Now that... is what I call bad publicity.
Texas This Reunion infiltration did not just occur spontaneously.
I'm sure there were many Infected here who chose to follow Reunion.
Exusiai Ugh... They'd rather trust Reunion over Rhodes Island––
Franka Rhodes Island does not give empty promises.
There are many Infected who are willing to accept whatever Reunion offers, even if it's nothing more than an illusion.
There are few who can see through the illusion.
And among those who can, most are willing to give up everything just for that vague glimmer of hope.
Who would choose to believe our little bunny, who is too kind to deceive others?
Amiya ...
Misha I believe her.
Amiya Misha...?
Misha Nnh...
Amiya Be careful! You can't move around yet!
Misha I'm just a bit dizzy... Don't worry.
Is Reunion... still chasing us?
I don't know what they want from me...
Let's go...
Amiya ...
I understand.
Let's leave right away.
Shortly, we'll be able to exit the slums and meet up with the L.G.D.
Thank you, Misha.
Misha No...
I... should be thanking you.