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Lungmen Alley
Abandoned Building

Before operation

In the slums of Lungmen, after meeting with Liskarm and Franka, the Doctor's group receives a message from Ch'en asking them to locate an Ursus girl by the name of Misha.
Rhodes Island decides to carry out the mission.
<Background 1>
??? Hurry, hide!
I... I need to go.
Take this... this is for you.
This is a protective charm. My mother taught me how to these...
And this is one that I made.
When you make these dolls by hand, you can keep the ones you care about safe.
Children Okay, sister Misha, we'll take good care of it!
Misha Good, good.
Now, go hide! And don't make a sound.
Children Okay!
<Background fades out and in>
[Lungmen rioters search the alley for the Infected children.]
Rioter Where'd they go? ! After them! Let's see how far those Infected can run!
Hmm? Now... what do we have here?
<Background fades out and in>
Amiya According to Exusiai's data, our mission target should have been staying somewhere around here...
Argh, the terrain around here is really complicated. If we were doing this alone, this assignment might have been quite troublesome...
Luckily, I got in touch with Penguin Logistics beforehand...
...Who's there?
Those people are...!
Child Baddies! You bunch of baddies! Let go of me! Let... Go...!
Rioter Tell me! Where'd she run off to?
Stop playing dumb!
Child Sister! Sister! Where are you...! Help...
Sister Misha! Sister Misha, save me!!
Amiya ...
Rioter Who is it?
Get back here!
Amiya ...
...You should leave right now if you know what's good for you.
Rioter ...?!
Who the hell...?!
You don't like you're from around here!
You're not afraid of us...
[Amiya used her Arts to scare the rioters.]
Amiya Otherwise...
Rioter Huh?
Wh-what was that?
Arts! Sh-she's using Arts?!
Aaaargh! Stay away from me!
Amiya ...Don't bully the defenseless ever again.
Rioter Aaaagh! Monster!
[The rioters flee.]
Amiya Heh... Monster, huh?
Everything will be okay. You can come out now.
It's dangerous here. You should hurry and find some place safe.
Children Thank you, ma'am!
Amiya Take care!
[Franka appears.]
Franka Amiya, what's going on?
Amiya Hm, I saw an Infected just now, probably unregistered...
Franka From Ursus?
Amiya Yes. She was heading deeper into the slums.
Franka, gather the nearby operators.
Franka Okay.
Amiya The deeper we head into the slums, the more volatile things are going to be...
There are ordinary civilians, criminals, and refugees – all mixed together.
We'll have to make thorough preparations.
Liskarm Amiya, we have incoming comms.
Please wait a second.
That's right.
Amiya, it's the L.G.D.
Amiya Was that Madam Ch'en?
Liskarm Indeed.
... That's right. We've already found a number of unregistered Infected.
... Yes.
... What?
... We're after an Ursus girl, short white hair, height of about 145 cm, called Misha?
Amiya That's...?
Liskarm ...Understood.
Amiya, Madam Ch'en wants us to immediately search for the Infected just described.
Once we find her, we are to turn her in to the L.G.D. immediately.
Amiya Can I speak to her please?
Hello, hello...
Madam Ch'en, can you hear me?
Ch'en I hear you.
Amiya Can I confirm the validity of that order?
Ch'en 100% valid, effective immediately.
Amiya I see.
[Ch'en hangs up.]
Amiya ...
She suddenly hung up...
Franka That Ch'en, she's got a bit of a temper.
Amiya So this is going to be our mission for now...
Liskarm Amiya, I've just received another message from several defenders.
They met some individuals who were openly hostile to Rhodes Island's operators.
Furthermore, those attackers weren't ordinary people, they were... Infected.
Amiya ... Have the defenders fall back towards us.
Scout team! Our target is an Ursusian girl with short white hair, height of 145 cm. Remember to stay hidden, and stay safe!
Other operators, follow your leaders and spread out.
Doctor It'd be best to stall them out. / So we're... going to lure them in? / Franka, let's attack them head-on.
Franka Hey... Not bad.
Liskarm, this kid's pretty smart.
Liskarm ... Dr {nickname} is our tactical commander. You should take this more seriously.
Amiya Let's begin.
So... Rhodes Island has to fight against the Infected again...

After operation

The members of Rhodes Island find Misha in an abandoned building.
After a conversation, Misha reluctantly decides to leave with Rhodes Island.
<Background 2>
Misha Phew...
I probably won't be found if I hide here...
But, I won't be able to go back to those kids anymore.
I hope nothing happens to them...
*sigh*... Why...
Who is it?
Amiya ...
Are you Miss Misha?
Misha ...What?
<Background fades out and in>
Misha ...
Amiya I'm sorry, Miss Misha. I hope I didn't scare you...
These are my coleagues, Franka and Liskarm.
Franka Hey there.
Liskarm Good day.
Amiya We're from Rhodes Island Pharmaceuticals. As an organization made to serve the Infected, at least...
We hope to be able to help you. That's why we'd like to talk for a bit.
Misha Talk?
Amiya Mhm.
This isn't the best place for that though...
As of right now, our top priority is keeping you safe.
For the time being, we'll protect you, so rest assured.
Misha What... are you talking about...
You're just going to capture me and lock me up, aren't you?!
Get away from me! My claws are sharp...! If you don't want to get hurt...
Franka ...Pfft.
Misha What are you laughing about...
Franka If we really were going to capture you, we wouldn't have given you a chance to resist.
Misha ...
Amiya Miss Misha, we really do want to help you, so...
Misha I don't trust you...
Lungmen treats the Infected worse than they treat criminals!
Why would you... Why would you go out of your way to help the Infected?
Amiya ...
––Miss Misha, look...
Misha What... are you doing?
Your hand...
You're also... an Infected?
Amiya That's right, I'm just like you.
There are a lot of Infected in these slums. Those kids you left behind just now... they trusted you.
Misha, you've already put them in danger.
Misha ...Are you going to use those kids to threaten me?
Amiya No, I wouldn't. But someone has already started doing exactly that...
We just chased off a group of thugs that was trying to threaten those kids.
Misha ...!
Amiya Lungmen is also currently searching for the Infected. If Lungmen found you first, it might've already been too late.
We wanted to divert the rioters from those kids by drawing their attention to you...
Looking at it from another perspective, we'd also be able to keep you safe from harm.
Misha ...Do you know why they're after me?
What reason do you have... to do all this for me?
Amiya We actually don't know why there are Infected targeting you...
But we do care about the safety of innocents, including you. At least, this is the best course of action for the time being. I hope that you'll be able to trust us.
Would you allow us to take you from here first?
Misha ...
...Fine... Let's go.
After all, I don't really have a choice, do I?
Amiya I wouldn't say that...
But at least, thank you... Miss Misha!