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Katia and Magna Naumann are background NPCs in Arknights. They are Eyjafjalla's parents, and as a result, are first mentioned in her files. Their legacy play a major supporting role in So Long, Adele, where they also make a cameo.


Hailing from a renowned Leithanian academic family, Dr. Katia and Magna Naumann were researchers working at the William University in the city of Gutenberg. Katia was a graduate professor of the university's School of Originium, who was noted for his ability of casting powerful Originium Arts, while Magna was specialized in ecological research, and was the mentor of Professor Kahn.[1] The couple earned recognition within the national academic cirlce thanks to their works on field of Originium, volcanology and ecology, which primarily revolved on the study and prevention of Catastrophes. They eventually met Adele Keller during a survey in the Siestan volcanoes, who by that time was an ecology student working on her thesis. The three would become friends and partake in the study of volcanic activity for over a decade. Eventually, Katia and Magna had their only daugter, Adele, who was named after their Siestan friend. At one point, the couple also made contact with Dolly, the fluffy Sovereign of Sheep, with him praising Magna for her wisedom. In fact the "little black sheep" that often accompany Adele were a gift from Magna.[2]

However, their life and academic career were far from peaceful. In the following years after the Septemberrevolution, Leithanien entered a state of political tensions within the nobility, and the couple was caught in the middle of the storm. A year prior to their passing, the Naumanns' lab was being frequently visited by the military in behalf of one of the Kurfürsten, who were collaborating with Katia's military research project, codenamed "das Projekt Regenschauer". In order to continue their work, Katia and Magna had to exchange some of their research results for a proper, relatively peaceful academic environment, while Keller helped them with the follow-up liaison work.[3]

In September 1095, the Naumanns would realize a survey on Mount Unna as part of their Catstrophe study project, with the volcano being chosen as a key site. A Leithanian goverment envoy approached them, but Keller managed to the fend them off to ensure the couple continued their work.Unfortunately, the volcano entered in eruption, claiming the couple's life in the process.[4][5]

Although Adele Naumann didn't spend much time with Katia and Magna due to their worktime, the news about their passing completely devastated her. In the following days after the incident, she suffered from constant, sudden panic attacks every time she dreamed about volcanoes, screaming and crying after waking up at night. However, that didn't stop her from pursuing her dreams. Adele took various documents about her parents's work, including most of the research of Mount Unna, so she could continue their work and legacy. On Keller's case, she decided to dedicate the Volcano Museum of Siesta as a last tribute to the couple, showcasing all the salvaged research material and equipment she gathered, and hoping to never climb a volcano again.[6]