Drudge Tulla

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Drudge Tulla is an NPC in Arknights. He is one of the antagonists of Operation Originium Dust.


Drudge was born into the Reproba Tulla clan which possesses the Elderly bloodline. He possesses the opposite character of his father's – cunning and greedy. Long ago, He travelled to Columbia to further his studies and eventually continued the mining business that his father once engaged in. However, his further exposure to Columbia's capitalism worsened his character and it came into a climax after meeting the personnel from Volvort Kochinski.[1] Since then, he was aiming to rule Long Spring by himself, using any means if necessary.


Operation Originium Dust

Drudge was responsible for saving Levi Klitschko after he was teleported to Terra and wandered around the wilderness for almost half a month. Noticing his brilliant science knowledge, the two worked together and Drudge provided Levi the financial and scientific support. However, the two often fell into disagreement as Levi's mad character was truly incomprehensible. He felt that Levi's creation was as ugly as sin.[2]

With the Originiutants Levi created and the super-sonic weapon from Volvort Kochinski, Drudge launched a treason against his sister Picale, starting from harassing the Infected quarters and then kidnapping her in the manor with his mercenaries. He also found out that Picale already succeeded his father's position. His evil plan was eventually thwarted when Rhodes Island and Team Rainbow came for the rescue.[3]

An unexpected punishment for Drudge's evil.

By the time Drudge had enough with the mad scientist, it was already too late. Levi betrayed him and caged him inside his laboratory.[4] He luckily met Ash, Blitz and Schwarz and requested to form a temporary alliance against Levi. To his dismay, all he received was heavy punches by Ash out of her vengeance for Miarow's death. The severe injury almost distorted his face.[5]

What happened to Drudge in the aftermath remains unknown.